Alulineartechnik and the brand Alulin® – the world’s only manufacturer of rail guides in aluminium with stainless steel insert – Swiss quality.

AlulieartechnikAlulin accurate profile rails and ball bearing runner blocks are designed especially for all sorts of linear movements and are therefore suitable for use in most type of machinery. The rails consist of wrought aluminium having two pressed-in hardened stainless steel shafts serving as the raceways for the balls of the runner blocks. Advantages are the light weight and corrosive resistant materials. Fixing holes in the attachment surfaces enable machine parts to be directly mounted onto the runner blocks. With this combination it is possible for us to offer a guide system which achieves a good price/performance ratio.

Our carriages are produced in two versions Flange and high/small and available in two accuracies such as Standard precision (0) and high precision (P). The standard carriage is not preloaded and can be ordered separately. It is available on stock and interchangeable. The precision guide “P” is available just as preloaded and as system together with the rail (in pair). The loading rate is based on a service performance of 100 km. The guide rails are only available in the higher precision “P”. The guide system is classified after the carriage accuracy.

You will find all detailed information in our technical catalogue.

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Alulineartechnik Katalog
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